Steve Bendat

Some people have the ability to see something and know immediately how to make it better.  Steve Bendat is one of these people. As an experienced engineer, Steve has always had a passion for technology and its applications.  His ability to combine tech with business is what brought him to the United States from his home country of Israel when he was recruited by a company to oversee their manufacturing division.

As life would have it, a major recession swept the US in the early 1980s, leaving Steve unemployed in a foreign country with a family to support. This twist of fate was a blessing in disguise, thrusting Steve into a lifetime of entrepreneurship.

With the savings he had, Steve took a gamble and purchased two rundown apartment buildings in New Brunswick, NJ.  Because of the high standard of Steve’s renovations, all of the units were immediately leased at higher rents than other apartments in the area.  It was clear that Steve had cultivated a passion for real estate – one that continues to this day.

In 1989 Steve designed an award-winning contemporary estate for his family in New Jersey.  He personally oversaw every detail of the project, from architectural design to engineering and construction.  This culminated in a groundbreaking 10,000 square foot smart home that incorporated technologies never before seen or used in a private residence. The house was one of the first of its kind to operate off a computer system that controlled lighting, landscape sprinklers, home security, HVAC, and more. Even the dehumidification system pumped water condensation back into the semi-Olympic indoor pool.  The home was subsequently recognized in the press and received multiple awards.

As an entrepreneur, Steve’s businesses interests have extended beyond real estate.  In 1985, he was the general manager of a high-tech company, which he ultimately acquired in 1991. In 2000, after owning and operating the business for fifteen years, Steve sold the company to a European technology conglomerate.

With the sale of the company, Steve was free to split his time between the US and Israel.  Over the  ensuing years, Steve continued to build around the world, from apartment buildings, condominiums, and strip malls to mid-rise condominium buildings and office complexes in Europe and Israel.

In 2006, Steve’s combined his passion for real estate and technology with the fitness industry. By combining technology with modern design and luxury materials, he created a superior health club offering in Israel. Over time, he purchased and expanded 5 sports clubs, outfitting them with sophisticated equipment, luxury spas, and advanced technologies.  Today, these health clubs are a household name in Israel.

Since he vacationed in the Palm Beaches in the early 1990s, Steve knew he wanted to live in the area. In 2004, he made Palm Beach his permanent US residence. Over the years, he has seen West Palm Beach grow from a small town into a thriving and modern metropolis. As a licensed skipper, Steve’s passion for boating focused him on the West Palm Beach waterfront.

Almost thirty years after Steve built his award winning estate in NJ, it still stands as a testament to smart home technology. The process of building a home capable of standing the test of time has been one of the most rewarding experiences of Steve’s real estate career. It is with this in mind that Steve founded Aquantis Group.

Steve’s eye for detail as well as his design acumen allow him to build estates that are far more advanced than competing homes in the area. He seamlessly incorporates advanced technology in Aquantis Group projects, ensuring that each home is superior in design, energy efficient, and luxurious throughout.

As of early 2017, Aquantis Group is the only developer of newly constructed waterfront homes in West Palm Beach. Steve’s objective is to build homes that become the de facto standard of luxury upon which all other homes will be measured. He is confident that Aquantis Group homes will ultimately be recognized as modern classics that will continue to be appreciated by generations to come.

Steve has enjoyed great success over the years, ranging from technology, manufacturing, and business services to real estate design and development. While these businesses have all been very different from one another, three elements are common among them – vision, technology, and passion. Steve’s philosophy is simple. Incorporate these three key ingredients into everything you do and success will come.